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About Us

About Us

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TM Web Design and Development

TM Web Design and Development supplies clients with clean responsive websites. We take pride in our work and want our customers happy. We can do re-designs as well as fresh new sites. The websites we build are cross browser compatible and we also offer smooth mobile and tablet view as well. Have you ever viewed a site and had to zoom in to view links and content? All the sites we offer look fluent on whatever device you’re using, so there’s no need for zooming in to clink links or view content on your website. This benefits your website tremendously since most of the web is viewed from a mobile device.

We specialize in

  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • Responsive Layouts
  • WordPress
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Forum Sites

New Site?

TM Web Design and Development will supply your company or personal needs with a fresh responsive website. The site will work on all browsers and devices with a smooth layout to help your viewers navigate. When we do a fresh website there’s a lot of work involved between both parties. We will need images, information, a logo if needed and a few other things. Once we get all of that covered we can then start working on the layout and structure of your website. Without information about your business or company we wouldn’t know what to offer for your viewers, which would then make the site not work as intended. Be prepared to help us fill your site with content to help your viewers or buyers, but once we get all of that out of the way you will have a professional responsive website to offer to the public.


Is your site lacking something or want to change the layout or color scheme? Maybe your site isn’t mobile responsive and you want your mobile viewers having a smooth experience too Well we can do all of this for you. About 60% of the web is viewed from a mobile device, and 30% of them will leave your site immediately without a mobile view. We strive to make clean layouts for both a computer and mobile view. Doing a re-design doesn’t require much work form your end. Maybe you want to change up a paragraph or use a different image for your re-design, which we could implement no problem. Working with content and images already there makes it a bit easier for us so therefore costs are a bit lower on a re-design.

We are based out of Orlando, Florida, but we offer our services to clients all across the United States. See our Contact Us page to get a free estimate for your website.

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