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A website can be needed for numerous things. Online search has taken over. No one is searching the phone books anymore. Instead, they're using Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines. If you don't have a site how will your visitors find you? Selling products online is a great revenue for your business. With online sales you then expand your business all over instead of the local shoppers stopping by to see what you have to offer.
Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO, is how your website is found on Google, Yahoo or other search engines. Having the right SEO throughout your website will help you rank higher with search engines. Search engines us a algorithm to determine whether or not a site is fictitious or not.
You can, but your site will look similar to other GoDaddy websites. GoDaddy is great for hosting and holding domains, but you want your website to be unique. GoDaddy also doesn't offer SEO unless you are paying monthly for it. When we build your site we do not charge you monthly "maintenance" fees. Usually hosting costs between $4-$10 a month and that's all you should be paying.
Yes we do everything from start to finish. We are here for you afterwards as well. We will design, develop, and test your site before it goes live.
Once you are happy with a quote you have received from us, we ask for 60% up front and 40% before the site goes live. You will be able to view the site from our test server to see how it will look on your domain name before it goes live. Once the site is 100% complete and paid for we will then transfer the files to your own server, which we can setup for you if need be.
A domain name is the web address your viewers type in the web browser to view your website. www.example.com is a example of a domain name.
The internet works with files. Your web browser connects with the user by getting the domain name. Once the domain name is typed in the web browser, the browser then searches for the necessary hosting space to receive the files. The hosting account is the where your website's files will be placed.

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